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I'm willing myself to get started with this blog again! I feel it's criminal not using one as they can be so beneficial to viewers as it allows people to catch a glimpse of the processes and thoughts behind the artist and work. If I could link my Instagram page I would, but basically Instagram and this blog will be my go to place. If it all goes to plan that is! Onwards and upwards

'At Journey's End- Cape Finisterre'

To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.. -William Blake

This is a small linocut print I completed as a gift for a relative. They recently accomplished the 'Camino de Santiago', a historical pilgrimage route running along the top of Spain from East to West. This is a reminder of the hundreds of miles walked and a testament to such an achievement. Well done Ems

'At Journey's End- Cape Finisterre'
#Linocut Print on Japanese Rice Paper
#Art #Printmaking #Nature #Sea #Landscape #Moonlight #Tate 

'A World of Difference', Oil on Canvas, 58cm x 48cm, 2007/08

Said goodbye to another surrealist work from 2007, gone to a repeat buyer in the U.S!

#Surrealism #AbstractArt