In the Footsteps of Wittgenstein

Michael Howard

The Wittgenstein Project

For the last two years students from the Faculty of Art and Design have celebrated the inspirational presence of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in Manchester and Glossop. He came to the university to design build and pilot a flying machine. During the spring and summer of 1908-9, Wittgenstein stayed at the Grouse Inn at Chunal,about 2 miles north of Glossop. Here he built and flew Cody kites to help students from Manchester Victoria University to conduct their experiments in the Upper Atmosphere. Manchester School of Art commemorate Wittgenstein's creative intelligence by staging a series of events on the moors and in Glossop. They are various in form and embrace artistic activities of all kinds as well as talks on philosophy, history and related subjects. It is expected that this event will become an annual event for the university and the Glossop community and develop as the awareness of the event develops. The pattern of activities begin on Chunal Moor in the morning, after bacon butties in the Grouse Inn and then continue on the moor, flying kites and various other machines. In we spend the afternoon and evening at Glossop Labour Club enjoying various cultural and social activities. Wittgenstein's time in Glossop was significant, as it was after his experience up north that he decided to leave Manchester for Cambridge, to exchange the flight of the body for that of the mind.

What is your aim in philosophy? To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle.- Ludwig Wittgenstein