Art & Audience- First Glance

Art & Audience is a unit in which myself and a group need to prepare and run an exhibition. The project will take place outside of the university- it is about independence and having the willingness to get out into the city and gain experience whilst also dealing with the everyday challenges which may occur.  


Different from the previous year, we got to choose our own groups for this project. It is better because it puts you and your particular group in an steadfast position, which in affect helps develop the project faster and more efficiently. It also saves the hassle of breaking the ice or getting to know each other. Also I feel there is a spark and confidence about the group which likely would have been non existent had the groups been set beforehand. Plus we all get on well and are willing to help each other and support the project. I'm sure we will do a good job, it will be challenging but also very rewarding.