MadLabs Booked

We have booked MadLabs! We all agree that MadLabs is the best option and we can finally start thinking about the show instead of worrying about venues and things. MadLabs seems very welcoming and the group seems comfortable with it so let's crack on with it. We knew we were guaranteed the space whereas with the others it always seemed a bit uncertain and are still waiting for replies. We popped down today and booked a show in for the 1st May. Exciting! 

We can leave our things there on the Wednesday and set up Thursday day time, however the upstairs will be in use until around 3-4.00pm, so it might be a little rushed getting the upstairs sorted before the big night.

Originally at the start of the project we thought about a two day exhibition but in reality one night is enough and it keeps the costs down a bit. From the email before, MadLabs were asking more for rental, but today it was only around £170 which when split between eight comes to roughly £20 which isn't bad at all.