Searching For Venues- A+A

Today we split into small groups and headed into the city to look for potential exhibition space. Some spaces were very small whereas others were much larger, in particular Federation House just off Piccadilly. We originally went to the Castlefield Gallery and we spoke to the director Kwong Lee and despite Castlefield not being available, he encouraged us to try Federation House which we viewed later. A great space and very large, it's used as artist studios. Mungo, Dave and myself spoke to someone called Monty who kept saying everything will be fine, just chill out! We said we'd talk further at the New Art Spaces Exhibition at Federation House later in the week.  I do think however due to the shear size, that it will pose too many challenges. 

Other places we have looked at are KRAAK, Corridor8, AWOL Studios, Rogue Studios, need to look into cost to hire, location, space, efficiency etc- we just want a good balance.