Trip to Salford Quays- The Lowry and Imperial War Museum

I needed a little trip out, to freshen my mind so I decided to have an outing to Salford. I like to walk and what's great about central Manchester is that it is very well connected to surrounding areas by the many waterways and canals. This block of Manchester and Salford would have been a powerhouse during the industrial revolution, with many trade routes and working factories. 

What people don't notice is that they are walking over many disused tunnels and canal routes, and really this is the true heritage and history of what has made Manchester such an important city. As I approached Manchester Central Library and I took some steps down to the canal. It really is a lovely walk, well kept and tidy. It's not busy but a few people were also walking and cycling the various routes. It is very picturesque, it's a shame not enough people use these walkways.

It's so easy I simply carried on walking, crossing over a few little bridges and locks and made my way to Salford.  At Salford Quays, there is the Lowry Centre and Imperial War Museum, some really interesting and inspiring museums great to spend an afternoon in. I also went to Media City which was groovy, an upcoming place it seems. 

Even though there is no direct link to my artistic practice, it is times spent like this which keep you alert and rejuvenated, it gets you out of the daily furore which can sometimes get pretty tedious for an artist.