Context is certainly important but I wouldn’t say it has a paramount importance on the success of a show or work. At the beginning we all had options on how to go about this project, whether it be ‘white cube’, ‘site specific’, ‘art as social encounter’ or ‘alternative platforms’. I went with ‘white cube’ because I felt more comfortable and confident with it, and that I would likely take more from it in the long run. Doing something new that takes you out of your comfort zone would be stimulating, but at this level I really want to focus in and learn what I want to learn rather than risking progression for change. Therefore my practice is best suited within an enclosed gallery context, simple and effective and how I’d prefer to use my time. 

Look at work for what it is, and never dwell on what it isn’t.

It isn’t the space that defines a work of art; it is the work of art itself. Nowadays too much goes into the background of art and not enough 

The work takes priority. The space is then about preference, your preferred method or environment. Consider size, volume, shape, colour-

Does a space need to be grand, white, clean, proper to be classed as a 'galley space' etc, it is a preconceived notion nowadays because professionalism has turned the display of artwork into an aesthetic itself, and much is primarily focused on monetary gain.