Thank you to the team

It was a great and enjoyable experience, it’s better to show work outside of the university context where the work is free from constraints of the studio and where it can be displayed for the general public. We all got on so well and it felt natural and unforced. It may sound cheesy but it makes friendships stronger. Doing these things is all about collaboration and working well as a team and reaching those particular goals and conclusions. I think we did this, we hit the mark we gave ourselves. I don’t think we could have done any better, obviously areas can be improved but for the standard we wanted to reach, it was spot on. The group was great to work with, to share with and to succeed with!

I'm just going to share a few thank you's which were posted on the groups facebook page:


Well had a chill week-end of forgetting our show. Think it went really well. Hope everyone feels the same and can now relax. The good part is that we won't have to do this again! Enjoyed working with everyone and I think we did the best we could.

So happy with how last night went, thanks everyone for being so great to work with and I hope you had a good birthday Mungo!  I will be able to go down a bit later on and pick up any stragglers (paintings) and check we've got everything.

Thank you so much for all the effort you put in Stephen with all the extras you did!

It was awesome really enjoyed it, we should all do it again sometime!