Sculpture addition to the group- Helen Wheeler

We have the space ready, and we have also invited Helen Wheeler who makes wonderful sculptures to also show with us and be part of the team. She is on the Masters programme and organises the various technical workshops in the art school,  so it's good to include some experience and nice to have somebody who isn't on our particular course. It gives the whole exhibition a little extra and more professionalism. She will not be paying part of the fee, we have purposefully invited her as we think she will be a good addition and as much as it's a great opportunity for us, it's also a great opportunity to her too. She'll be happy to show and we welcome her on-board!

We wanted to include some sculpture because the MadLab's space is quite unique and interesting and having only painters included might not use the space to its full potential. There is a lot of nice wall space but due to the beams and old layout of the building, there are useful little spaces which sculpture would fit perfectly into. Plus it's great to keep the show fresh and diverse which will keep the audience intrigued and happy.